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´╗┐General Painting Techniques: Tips For Professional Results


To paint interior walls like a pro, you should invest in top quality paint and supplies. In addition to this, you also want to be sure you have the tips and tricks you need to have professional quality results every time. The good news is that you can do a great, professional job every time. For those who are looking for a few general painting techniques they can count on, the following will help you.

Protect everything: When painting interior walls, do not under estimate the places that paint can fly when it is being put on. Use drop cloths to cover everything in your space. You also want to invest in painter's tape to cover all edges for the window frames, crown molding, the doorways and electrical outlets. Otherwise, they will have smudges on them.

Check the brushes and rollers for dirt and debris. Paintbrush bristles commonly contain dust in them even when they are brand new. This can cause a number of problems when applying paint to the walls. The best solution is to simply brush the paintbrush back and forth against your fingertips a few tips to loosen any dirt. Try to do this with your rollers, too.

Patch the walls first. If there are any areas where there are dimples, depressions or even holes in the wall, patch them up. You can find patching compound very inexpensively available through most home improvement retailers. In addition, you will find that the process helps to create clean, professional looking paint jobs. If you do not do these repairs first, you will notice these depressions even more so once you have painted the space.

Mix your paint. When you bring the can of paint home, most home improvement stores and paint suppliers will give you a paint stirrer. This wooden device is needed because paint will settle. The coloring can be several shades different by the time you get to the bottom if you do not stir it first.

Paint into the wet area of the wall, too. For example, paint a section of the wall by starting with the dry (or unpainted) portion. After you have covered the section with paint, go back over it again with the roller, moving back over into the wet area. This ensures there are no lines or other obvious flaws in the strokes.

Painting tips like these can help you to create a beautiful room. More so, you can count on a professional look every time. Take a few minutes to consider the way you paint right now. Can you improve your technique to have a more professional look? In most cases, it is the small things that make the big impressions.

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